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Importance of Baby Teeth, Fort Worth Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist helps your child’s teeth to stay strong and helps to develop good eating habits with regular check-ups.  Teeth health is important in children because studies show that poor oral health can lead to problems in school performance and poor social relationships.  Maintenance of baby teeth is important because they help a child to chew properly, help in speech development, and keep space for permanent teeth.

Nitrous Oxide, Affordable Children’s Dentist Dallas

With the use of nitrous oxide children’s dentist’s and patients have a much easier and pleasant time at the dentist.  Nitrous oxide works within 5 minutes of administering and leaves the body just a quickly-within 3-5 minutes after gas has stopped.  It has no color or smell however, flavors such as strawberry, orange, bubblegum or mint are added to the smell as most children prefer this.

Sealants, Affordable Children's Dentist Dallas

Children can receive sealants on permanent molars as soon as there molars come in.  This is usually between the ages of 6 and 12 years.  Sealants can provide 100% protection from cavities on children’s teeth. Also”, research has shown that when placed over very minimal dental decay,” the decay will no longer progress.  If a tooth already has a filling it can’t get a dental sealant.  

Advantages of a Kids Dentist, Fort Worth Dentist

Did you know that a pediatric dentist completes an additional two to three years of medical school than an ordinary dentist does?  The dental anatomy of a young child is very different compared to that of an adult.  A pediatric dentist also has valuable experience on the behavioral needs of kids that are restless and afraid.  A Pediatric dentist usually deals with cavities and the need for braces and some crowns while an adult dentists works a lot with crowns, root canals, and dental implants and other adult mouth problems.

Kids Dental Services, Dental Care

Full service pediatric dental care consists of comprehensive examinations, sealants/fluoride, fillings/crowns, cosmetic Procedures, emergency care/trauma, habit and athletic appliances, root canals, in-Office conscious sedation.   It is recommended that your child have a dental exam every 6 months.

Fighting Cavities Using Sealants, Dallas Pediatric Dentist

Sealants are highly effective in keeping cavities at bay. Sealants last for quite a while but 2 to 4 years is a great estimate.  A pediatric dentist will monitor the sealants to make sure the stay intact.  The sealant can be re-applied if necessary.  It is a very cost effective way of keeping teeth cavity free because it costs a lot less than filling a cavity.

Composite Fillings, Dallas Kids Dentist

It used to be that you only had one choice for a filling.  That consisted of only a silver filling.  Today you can get a composite filling that is much like your own tooth color.  This composite material is cured using a special blue light.  You won’t be able to even tell that you have any cavities because your tooth is restored to its original appearance.

Fluoride Treatment, Forth Worth Kids Dentist

After a teeth cleaning at the pediatric dentist a fluoride treatment is given. Fluoride strengthens the teeth and makes them more resistant to decay and erosion and it also slows down and reverses cavity formation.    Fluoride is applied in a paste or foam right to the teeth.  Children of all ages don’t seem to mind it at all.  It’s a very safe and productive procedure that does wonders for young teeth!

Keeping Children Relaxed, Sedation Dentistry For Children

There are some situations where a child cannot relax during a dental procedure even with laughing gas.  They may have had a bad experience or for whatever any other  reason they just do not feel comfortable.  This is when enteral sedation is administered.   Your child is given medication either by pill or liquid 30 to 45 minutes before treatment begins.  Your child will still be awake during the procedure but will feel much more relaxed and not as anxious.

Dallas Kids Dentist

Cavities start when bacteria breaks down the enamel on our teeth.  Decay can progress if the cavity is not taken care of early.  The cavity can make its way down deeper in the tooth if not treated early where it can cause sensitivity and pain which can lead to a root canal or extraction.  This can happen in a child’s tooth or an adult’s tooth.  Regular check-ups by a pediatric dentist or adult dentist are imperative for healthy teeth!