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Dallas Kids Dentist for Your Childs Emergencies

Anyone who has children knows that a hit in the mouth by a baseball or just a fall can be a scary thing. Happy Feet Dental Centers is your Dallas pediatric dentist for just such an emergency. If an emergency occurs don’t hesitate to call their office  at any time. They also take walk-ins when an emergency with your child has occurred. Knowing there is a caring,” helpful pediatric dental office to take your child to when an emergency happens is why you need to call Happy Teeth Dental Centers. 972-285-2600

Good Dental Care, Dallas Medicaid Dentist

It’s hard to find a good pediatric dentist that takes Medicaid patients.  A thorough examination and follow-up is essential for the health of children’s teeth.  A tooth ache or broken tooth needs immediate attention.   You can apply a cold compress to the area and give acetaminophen or ibuprofen for the pain  Get to a dentist as soon as possible.

The Only Choice in Mesquite TX for Pediatric Dentist

Happy Teeth Dental Centers is the only choice in Mesquite TX for a pediatric dentist. The Dr’s and staff take great pride in the comfort of their patients. Namely your child or children that come to their office in Mesquite. Happy Teeth Dental Centers is a state of the art dental office that offers bright colorful surrounding, movies for entertainment and a playroom just for your children. Make going to the dentist a great experience for your whole family. Call Happy Teeth Dental Centers today and start enjoying the dentist,” 972-329-7000

Baby Bottle & Tooth Decay, Children’s Dentist

Tooth decay from baby bottles is caused when a baby goes to sleep while bottle feeding.  When they are sleeping the flow of saliva is reduced and the natural self-cleansing action in the mouth is not working.  This causes teeth to decay rapidly.  Try to never put your child to bed with a bottle and wean him or her from the bottle at 12-14 months of age.  See a children’s dentist as soon as you see decay happening.  By the age of 1 your child should have his or her first dental visit.

Dental X-Ray, Happy Teeth Dental Centers

If there is concern about the amount of radiation received in a dental X-ray examination, just know that it is extremely small.  Pediatric dentists are very careful to minimize the exposure of child patients to radiation by using  lead aprons and high-speed film. A dental X-rays is a far smaller risk than an undetected and untreated dental problem.  Have your children’s teeth checked regularly.

Happy to Go to An Affordable Children's Dentist in Dallas

Having an affordable children’s dentist in the Dallas area has just been made easy. Happy Teeth Dental Centers are the one dentist to help you feel like they are there for you. Happy Teeth Dental Centers is one of the only offices that let the parents watch while their child is in the dental chair. You and your child’s comfort is important to establishing a great dental experience. The staff at Happy Teeth Dental Centers will also work with your insurance company to make going to the dentist less stressful. Affordability is key to Happy Teeth Dental Centers success. Don’t hesitate,” give them a call 972-285-2600.

Kids Dentist, Affordable Children's Dentist In Dallas

A children’s dentist is called a pediatric dentist.  They see  patients from babies to teenagers.  It is a dental specialty focusing on the oral health of young people. After dental school a pediatric dentist has to have an additional two to three years of specialty training in the unique needs of infants, children and adolescents and those with special health needs.  All children need and deserve affordable dental help.

Fluoride Treatments, Mesquite TX Kids Dentist

Fluoride in drinking water is the best way to get fluoride.  Fluoride is important for teeth because it decreases your chances of getting cavities because it makes them stronger.  Your child may not be getting enough fluoride if your water district does not fluoridate the water or if your family drinks a lot of bottled water that does not contain fluoride.  Your pediatric dentist may prescribe fluoride paste for home and regular fluoride treatments in the office.

Age Is Has No Revelance, Sedation Dentistry For Children

Age has no relevance on how a child acts in a dentist office. There might be a four-year old who feels just fine while he is getting a filling while a ten year old may be extremely anxious and nervous.  Sometimes sedation is necessary for certain patients.  It is recommended to start taking your child to the dentist at a very early age.  For sure by the time they are 3 and earlier is better. They will get used  to coming to the dentist with regular early visits, their teeth will be well taken care of and they will learn proper brushing techniques and how to care for their teeth.

Pacifier & Thumb Sucking, Affordable Children's Dentist Dallas

Thumb and pacifier sucking habits that continue for years can create crowded, crooked teeth or bite problems. If they continue to sucking their thumbs or fingers when they get their permanent teeth arrive a mouth appliance may be needed.  Braces may be needed down the road if children don’t stop these habits on their own.  Consult a children’s dentist called a pediatric dentist for help.