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About Us


Happy Teeth Dental Centers was founded in 2010 with multiple locations around DFW.

In 2017, after years of working for other corporate dental chains, Dr Sal and Dr Neel, the new owners of the Fort Worth location, decided to pool their skills and breathe new life into the practice, delivering high quality dentistry, all while nurturing a fresh family-friendly atmosphere amongst the staff and patients, in Fort Worth, with its mission to provide dental care and service that’s high quality no matter your socio-economic background or health history.

By not being corporate, and focusing solely on the Fort Worth location, we’ve maintained the ability to keep a strong and dedicated team and ensure that each patient is treated as an individual, not just another number. Our focus from day one was to make every patient a fan and we work hard every day to achieve that. Whether it’s going out of our way to accommodate a patient with special needs or providing transportation to our elderly patients, it is our pleasure to serve the community. If you have a suggestion for us, we are always happy to listen. You can actually connect with us directly through Facebook and we’ll respond usually within 24 hrs.

Happy Teeth Dental Center has community outreach specialists on our team who engage young students at school and families at healthcare events to educate our community on proper oral hygiene, cavity prevention, and to donate toothbrushes and other items. We also sponsor numerous organizations including churches, community centers, youth activity groups, schools, daycares, the Salvation Army, food banks, sports teams, homeless shelters, women’s organizations, and many others. If you would like to support your local Happy Teeth Dental Center, send us a Facebook message!

In the following pages you’ll find a ton of information on your teeth, how to take care of them, the services we offer, and what to do in case of an emergency.

2021 update: Were here M-F from 9AM and usually done by 5PM. We are currently not open Saturdays (sorry for any confusion). Thanks for visiting!