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Exams for Kids 3 & Under


The American Dental Association and the State of Texas recommend a child's first visit to the dentist be at 6 months old to establish a First Dental Home. Many kids at this age can end up with a condition called Severe Early Childhood Caries, which is caused by an excessive exposure to sugary drinks, including milk and juice.

Prevention is Key - A quick oral evaluation will only take a few minutes but can give you a wealth of information about your child's teeth and what you need to do to prevent conditions from arising.

Your dentist will show you how to brush your child's teeth, how often and what instruments to use, what foods to avoid, and how often they should be coming back for visits. If your child has all their baby molars, sealants may be recommended as another cavity prevention tool.

Finally, your child will be offered a fluoride treatment. This short visit is a great opportunity for your child to start getting comfortable visiting a healthcare professional. It's important that you bring your child for a checkup before treatment is necessary. This way they'll make a positive connection between visiting the dentist and taking care of their teeth.