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Frequently Asked Questions


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What if my child cries during his/her visit?

It’s very common for children to be nervous when they first meet the dentist. Many children associate that fear with the numerous vaccinations they’ve received. It may take more than one visit for your child to become comfortable with us.

Most of this fear comes from the fear of the unknown, whether it’s the light, the instruments, the noises and sounds, or just the fear of having something in their mouth.
It’s really important to educate your child and prepare them for what is going to happen at the dental office.

The staff and dentists here at Happy Teeth will take the time to show your child what we are going to do,teach your children about proper oral hygiene, and educate them about some of the instruments we use.

The basic themes we try to teach very young children are…

  1. It's important to brush our teeth and avoid unhealthy food.
  2. "Sugar bugs" are what cause cavities or “holes” in our teeth.
  3. At the dentist, we are going to take pictures of your teeth and count them to make sure they are strong and healthy.
  4. When we don’t take care of our teeth, it may be necessary to fix them.

Occasionally we may suggest “laughing gas” or nitrous oxide in helping your child relax. For children who are a little more hyperactive and/or fearful, we offer in house sedation, which basically consists of us administering medication that will help them calm down. Click here to read more about sedation dentistry. 

We understand it can be tough for most children to sit still and have their teeth worked on so we always reward kids with balloons, stickers, toys, and new toothbrushes at the end of their visit. Our goal is to get your child excited about taking care of their teeth and proud of how well they did during their treatment. It’s always a gratifying experience for all when a child can overcome their fears.

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What if my child has a cavity?

There is no need to worry. If your child has a cavity, our dentist will show you exactly where it is, what it looks like, and how it can be treated. We include parents in the decision process to assure the most comfortable and enjoyable dental experience for your child.

We use terms such as “sugar bug” instead of bacteria and “sleepy juice” instead of anesthetic, so your child can best understand what we are doing which will put them at ease.
Our child-oriented dentists will cater a treatment plan for your child that not only takes into account the risks and benefits of the different ways of treating the cavity but also takes into account your child’s habits and behavior.

Prevention is key! Bringing your child to the dentist early, before they have dental problems that require treatment is a great way to build a healthy relationship and good habits early on.
If your child is anxious we may use “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) to help them relax. Every treatment room has a TV on the ceiling where we play kids movies, so your child will be focusing on something else while we are taking care of their cavities. For small cavities, white fillings are usually the treatment of choice. But if your child has a larger cavity, they may need a silver cap orjust have the tooth taken if it can’t be restored.

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Why choose Happy Teeth Dental Centers?

Experience with working young children, teens, and adults of all ages
Happy Teeth Dental Centers has extensive experience working in all aspects of dentistry, especially with kids. The majority of our patients are actually kids under 18 years old though we see older patients as well. This has given us the experiences necessary tohandle a wide variety of situations such as difficult behavior management, complicated tooth extractions, surgical procedures, extensive treatment plans, sedation dentistry, and other unique situations. 

Beautiful clinic, digital technology
Our state-of-the-art office was designed to be a fun and comfortable place. People like coming to Happy Teeth Dental Centers because it doesn’t look like your average clinic. The walls are colorful and playful. There are TV’s playing movies everywhere and even a playroom with video games just for kids! Digital charts and X-rays improve the quality of care you receive and speed up your appointment so you aren’t waiting all day for X-rays to develop.

Friendly and helpful staff
The staff and dentist at Happy Teeth Dental Centers will take the time to explain the treatment to you and your child and show you pictures and diagrams to make it understandable. Most of our staff speaks Spanish if needed. We take pride in seeing our staff go the extra mile for our patients and will be happy to accommodate any reasonable requests.

In-house sedation available
If your child has severe anxiety and requires sedation for their treatment, we arrange that in house. You won’t need to get sent around from clinic to clinic to find somebody who can treat you or your child’s condition because of his or her behavior or anxiety.

Parent involvement and transparency in dental treatment
We are one of the only clinics in the DFW area whose dentists allow parents to watch their kids while they are having their treatment done. Most dentists in Dallas/Fort Worth/Mesquite do not permit parents to watch their children while treatment is being performed. We try to be as accommodating as possible. If there’s a request you have, just ask us!

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