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Full & Partial Dentures


Happy Teeth Dental Centers is proud to offer complete and partial dentures for our patients. A new denture can be a difficult thing to become comfortable with but whether this is your first set or a remake, our providers are happy to help you address any concerns you may have and get you comfortable with a new set. Here are several different treatments we offer:

Complete Dentures: For those patients with no teeth at all. We can make you a full denture that not only replaces all your missing teeth, but fills in facial structure that may have resorbed since you’ve lost your teeth. Complete dentures can take anywhere from 3 to 4 visits to finish but we usually provide each patient with several free follow up visits for any adjustments the patient may need later on.

Partial Dentures: For those patients with some but not all teeth. We generally offer two different types of partial dentures – flexible Valplast partial dentures and metal base dentures. Each type of denture offers different advantages but your dentist will sit and help you decide which treatment would be best for you and help you decide which treatment plan to go with.

Immediate Dentures: For those patients who need to have some or all teeth extracted on the same day they get their dentures. With immediate dentures, the dentures are made before the teeth are extracted so that on the day of surgery, the denture is also fit to the patient’s mouth.

Flipper or Temporary Denture: Occasionally a patient will need a temporary fix for a missing tooth. This is a cheaper option, usually made for kids who have a tooth knocked out or for adults who need a temporary solution for cosmetic reasons.

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