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First Dental Visit


The first visit can be a scary experience for any child. Our dentists and assistants will take the time to show your child what the different instruments are to make him/her comfortable with us. If your child is old enough to handle X-rays we will attempt to take a complete or near complete set, depending on their comfort level. The dentist will then take a look inside your child's mouth to show and explain any irregularities, problem areas, and decay.

Happy Teeth Dental Centers sees children starting at 6 months old and up. Even though it may seem a little early for kids to start getting cavities, regular checkups early in the child's development are important in preventing cavities and diagnosing problems before they become something more significant. We check the child's mouth for cavities, de-calcifications, plaque, gingivitis, and any other abnormalities.

The most significant factor in early childhood cavities is the frequency of exposure to sugary drinks. This most often happens when children goes to sleep with a bottle of milk. The sugars from milk will severely weaken teeth and this habit can cause a condition called Severe Early Childhood Cavities. These types of problems can usually be prevented by early visits to the dentist.