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It's like a spa treatment for your teeth! Dental cleanings are an important part of your regular visits that will allow the dentist or hygienist to identify problem signs and teach patients and parents how to correct habits before they need treatment.

For kids 3 and under, the focus of a cleaning is more about showing parents how to brush their child's teeth. Visits are topped off with a Fluoride treatment, which act to protect teeth from harmful sugars and acids. To learn more about the positive effects of Fluoride click here (hyperlink).

Parents are recommended to brush their kids teeth or at least help them brush until they can adequately take care of their own teeth. Even if your child can brush and floss their teeth, parents should check up on how well their kids are brushing until they turn 8 years old.

Tip from Dr. Alex Molayem, chief dental director: "Most kids usually brush their molars really well but completely miss the front teeth. If your kids say they brush their teeth, but their gums look red and puffy, they're most likely brushing incorrectly or inadequately. If you scrape your teeth with your fingernail and come up with any amount of plaque, it may be time to 'brush up' on your oral hygiene technique before that plaque starts causing problems."

During a cleaning, all plaque (soft stuff) and tartar (hard stuff) will be cleaned off and your teeth will be polished with a special paste that leaves them clean and white. For patients whose teeth need a little extra attention, your dentist may use a special machine to remove the hard deposits.

If the mere sound of a having a dental cleaning seems like torture, let us know! We have all sorts of methods to help patients who have sensitive teeth or are afraid of the dental procedures. Our family dentists in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Mesquite are happy to accommodate any reasonable requests.